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Keep Your Eyes on Everything With a Home Surveillance System

How a Smart Surveillance System Ensures a Safe and Secure Home

Keep Your Eyes on Everything With a Home Surveillance System

Who’s watching your property while you’re both at home and away? Though you’re not spending as much time outside the home these days, you still need to make essential trips. And your long stretches of at-home time have probably highlighted your increased need for security.

There’s only so much a dog can do to deter burglars. And savvy thieves are not easily threatened by old cameras or even a security system sign in your yard. Get smart by installing a state-of-the-art home surveillance system in your, home in Mount Pleasant, SC, or the surrounding Charleston area. A smart surveillance camera can accurately identify intruders and even issue an early warning to deter theft. Read more to learn how an innovative system improves the security of your property.

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Sophisticated Yet Simple Surveillance

Take control of your home’s security by using the latest technology. Today’s home surveillance systems offer a wider range of features that give you immediate access to everything that’s happening in and around your home. A surveillance camera isn't simply a camera: Today’s cameras are powerful tools that not only deter burglars, but they also provide the highest level of detail with 4K resolution images, object filtering, and even face recognition. In addition, these systems are accessible with your touchpad or phone, and they can be fully integrated into any smart home system.

Complete Control at Your Fingertips

It’s easy to operate your surveillance system from any smart device – whether you are home, on the go, or many miles away. Use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to access your cameras. You’ll see what’s going on in real-time or view previous footage. Are you looking for something in particular? Then do a keyword search, such as “white car,” “man in yard,” or “package on porch.” Today’s surveillance cameras are truly smart. Think of them as your own security guard. And if your cameras are interfaced with your smart home system, you can also arm your alarms and lock or unlock doors by pressing a button.

Live Footage and So Much More!

Not long ago, home surveillance cameras were little more than a camcorder. But today, due to advancements in video analytics and AI technology, they provide so much more:

  • Pan, Zoom, and Tilt Options
  • 4K Resolution
  • Face Recognition
  • Object Filtering
  • Night Vision
  • Thermal Surveillance
  • Two-Way Audio

Whatever you want, Custom Home Sound can help you select the right camera and surveillance system for your needs. This is important, because there is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead of using the same camera throughout your property, we’ll identify the perfect one for the different applications throughout your home – inside and out.

Learn more about smart surveillance solutions for your home. Call the professionals at Custom Home Sound by filling out our online contact form or sending us a live chat below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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