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How Robust Is Your Smart Home Surveillance System?

Ensure Unmatched Peace of Mind with These Superior Surveillance Features

How Robust Is Your Smart Home Surveillance System?

If you’re considering smart surveillance cameras for your home, you’ll find plenty of products on the market. Many home surveillance cameras at big-box stores feature remote access monitoring, high-definition video, and integration capabilities with other smart home devices.

But just how reliable are off-the-shelf surveillance cameras when it comes to safeguarding your property in Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding Charleston, SC area? More importantly, how well can consumer cameras proactively protect your loved ones from danger?

Don’t skimp on your home surveillance system by choosing price over quality. Instead, invest in a robust surveillance system that offers unrivaled solutions for detecting dangers such as home invasion or fire before they happen. Look for the following features below for unmatched peace of mind.

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4K Resolution

4K image resolution is no longer the future of surveillance cameras; it’s here now. 4K surveillance cameras offer the highest level of detail and clarity available—nearly four times the size of standard 1080P HD cameras—so nothing is left to question.

Larger camera sensors also capture more light, which improves color, contrast, low-light performance, and overall picture quality. Additionally, the high-pixel density allows for clearer digital zoom so that you never have to worry about pixelation when zooming in to see important details like facial characteristics or license plate numbers.

Face Recognition and Object Filtering

Surveillance cameras with advanced video analytics add an extra layer of preventative protection for your home by using pattern-based algorithms and proven AI technology to spot details like license plates, facial features, and more while ignoring objects and activity that isn’t important to the scene.

Receive real-time alerts when specific events occur, such as a lingering intruder or a stopped vehicle outside your property. You won’t have to worry about receiving notifications regarding routine activity; advanced surveillance cameras will know the difference.

Thermal Monitoring

Advanced thermal security cameras provide comprehensive perimeter intrusion protection for properties large and small. Because thermal surveillance cameras detect heat, they can reveal intruders in any lighting or weather condition, including complete darkness, rain, fog, and smoke.

With thermal surveillance cameras in place, you’ll receive high-performance intrusion protection around the clock, day or night. With geofencing in place, you’ll instantly receive an alert when heat is detected inside a preset boundary, whether that be your backyard, pool house, or garage.

Early Warning Fire Detection

In addition to intruder detection, thermal surveillance cameras can also provide early warnings for fire detection and prevention by recognizing increased heat and temperature fluctuations before a fire has the chance to spread.

When your fire alarm sounds, the damage has more than likely already begun. Instead, get ahead of the fire with thermal imaging cameras that can identify hot spots before a flame ignites and provide early warning response to avoid destruction before your property or—more importantly, your loved ones—are in danger.

Our team at Custom Home Sound knows how valuable your home and family are to you, which is why we design and install only the most robust and reliable surveillance solutions to ensure proactive protection around the clock.

To learn more about smart surveillance solutions for your home, contact our technology professionals by filling out our online contact form or sending us a live chat below now. We look forward to assisting you!

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