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3 Features Any Epic Home Entertainment System Should Have

If You Call Yourself a Music or Movie Enthusiast, You’ll Love These Audio-Video Solutions

3 Features Any Epic Home Entertainment System Should Have

There’s no doubt your home in Charleston, SC is equipped with some quality TVs and speakers. With so many music and video streaming services at our fingertips, most of us spend our free time perched on the couch bingeing a new HBO series or enjoying popular Spotify playlists.

But what makes a home entertainment system truly epic? Simply having some impressive TVs and speakers around the home isn’t enough. If you call yourself a music or movie enthusiast, you’ll want these three features for your next home entertainment system upgrade. Check them out below!

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Multi-Room Audio and Video

Ditch the clutter of AV equipment, wires, and remotes in every room by upgrading to a multi-room audio-video system! With multi-room AV, it’s easier than ever to access and distribute your favorite media in any and every room using just one controller. Play a movie in the living room, then pause and resume it in the bedroom. Listening to jazz in the kitchen but want to move to the home office? A quick button tap will keep the music going in the room you prefer.

Your current setup may include receivers, cable boxes, Apple TVs, Blu-ray speakers, and more in every room that has a display and speakers. Now through AV over IP, your setup will require much less wiring and source components as your AV signals are transmitted over your network. You’ll be left with a cleaner home entertainment system and easy access to content no matter which room you’re in.

Outdoor Audio and Video, Too!

Your home entertainment system doesn’t have to live inside four walls. If you love spending time on your patio or in the pool, you can bring your movies and music to the backyard with dedicated outdoor TV displays and speakers. Outdoor TV displays feature 4K UHD technology while withstanding excessive heat, water, and debris. Even on the sunniest days, your picture will be impressively clear from every angle.

Likewise, outdoor speakers deliver high-fidelity audio while withstanding the elements so you can jam out to your favorite music while basking in the backyard. Your speakers can be discreetly installed to blend in with your gardens and foliage or make a statement on your patio or deck.

Even better, your outdoor displays and speakers can be part of your multi-room AV system so that media access and control is effortless from a single device, whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

Hidden TVs and Speakers

Arguably the coolest home entertainment systems are the ones you can’t see when they’re not in use. While some homeowners may love the look of stately speakers and large black screens, many homeowners do not. And that’s understandable! If the latter describes you, then you’ll definitely want to consider the latest innovations in hidden TVs and speakers that blend right into your interior décor.

From framed and mirror TVs to motorized panels that cover your displays with artwork when they’re not in use, the options are vast. Motorized lifts can conceal your displays within furniture or even in the ceiling. A button tap will reveal your display in seconds when you’re ready to use it.

Speakers can also be cleverly installed in your walls and ceilings to offer high-performance sound while staying out of the way. Whether you want a low-profile solution or prefer to have speakers installed entirely behind surfaces, you’ll never experience compromised audio quality.

Ready to upgrade your home entertainment system with the latest technology? Custom Home Sound is ready to assist. To book a free consultation, call (843) 532-8346 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to working with you!

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