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3 Creative Ways to Conceal Your TV Displays

Motorized Lifts, Moving Panels and Mirror TVs Add Style and Space to Your Home

3 Creative Ways to Conceal Your TV Displays

TVs are getting bigger, better, and smarter every year. The latest display models by leading brands like Sony, Samsung, and LG make it possible to enjoy a cinematic experience in the comfort of your home at an affordable price.

However, big-screen TVs are often intrusive and can take up valuable space throughout your home. To mitigate this problem, we provide innovative solutions for homeowners in Kiawah Island, SC and the surrounding Charleston area to creatively conceal TVs so that they blend with your style and optimize your space.

Read on to explore three ways to conceal your displays using hideaway motorized TV lifts, moving panels, or camouflaged mirror TVs.

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Hideaway TV Lifts

Instead of forcing a TV to work around your furniture or décor, opt for a motorized hideaway TV lift. Not only do motorized TV lifts conceal your displays when not in use, but they free up your wall space and can accommodate multiple viewing angles if needed.

We can create the ideal viewing environment for any size room or TV screen with a vast selection of intelligent motorized lift mechanisms. Enjoy a pop-up swivel TV lift in the family room that raises and lowers from your entertainment center or behind furniture. Select a ceiling or floor TV lift for your bedroom to reveal and conceal your display from above or below at the touch of a button.

Moving Panels

Another clever way to conceal your mounted TVs when not in use is with moving panels. A moving panel conceals your TV display behind a painting or picture of your choice. When you’re ready to use your TV, the panel silently moves vertically or horizontally out of the way to reveal your TV at the touch of a button.

Our team works with Future Automation, which makes beautifully handcrafted timber frame canvases from which you can choose for your home. If you’d prefer a custom picture, you can also submit your own artwork to be perfectly fitted on any moving panel mechanism.

Mirror TVs

A third creative hidden TV solution that also adds beauty to your home is the mirror TV. Perfect for over the fireplace or behind your home bar, your TV will disguise as an elegant mirror when turned off and a crystal-clear 4K TV display when turned on.

Go minimal and chic with no frame or choose from a variety of frame finishes like Gallery Black, Spoleto Silver, Antica Wood, Biltmore Gold, and more. We work with Séura, which designs 4K UHD mirror televisions at 42, 49, 55, and 65 inches. Each is a complete product, featuring the TV, glass, frame (if selected), and mount. Leave the custom installation up to us!

Make the best use of your living spaces with intelligent and intuitive motorized TV lifts, moving panels, or mirror TVs. You’ll never again have to stare at a big, black eyesore on your wall or wish you had more space for décor and furniture. From consultation to installation, we’re your go-to TV mounting specialists. Connect with us here or send us a live chat below now to learn more.

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