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Stay Connected When It Matters Most with a Reliable Home Network

Learn How Our Home Wireless Network Professionals Can Remedy the Following Issues

Stay Connected When It Matters Most with a Reliable Home Network

Network connectivity is a necessity that homes and families rely on for most day-to-day activities, whether for work, school, or entertainment. A growing smart home especially relies on a robust home network to maintain fast and secure connection around the clock—no matter how many devices are online.

As the number of devices that depend on your home wireless network continues to grow, your current network infrastructure must be able to withstand the test of your increasingly connected life. Read on to learn how our technology experts can remedy common connectivity issues that you may experience in your home in Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding Charleston, SC area.

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Do You Experience Wi-Fi Dead Spots?

Have you ever stepped onto your back porch or walked into your bathroom only to lose wi-fi signal? Expansive properties that rely on a wireless router don’t often have the coverage needed to distribute a robust signal to every space on the property.

We can solve this problem with strategically placed wireless access points in dead spots of your home, or with a multi-node system that daisy-chains connectivity throughout your property. We can also recommend and install higher-quality routers that feature the latest wi-fi standards, including stronger radio bands and antennas. We’ll assess your home’s wi-fi weak spots and find the perfect solution for your connectivity needs.

Is Your Internet Connection Often Slow?

Before upgrading to a higher-tier internet plan, there are a few things you can do to identify the cause of slow connectivity issues. First, you can restart your router. You can also check to make sure you’ve installed antivirus software, which will keep out malware that often hijacks your bandwidth.

Routine connectivity performance issues likely mean your router is the problem. Some routers don’t have the capacity to handle data-heavy smart devices and HD digital entertainment streaming at once—let alone 4K streaming. An upgraded router with larger bandwidth, higher speed, and more durability may be what you need.

Are There More Users on Your Network?

Occasionally, you’ll experience higher foot traffic at home, which will lead to more users on your network: holidays, inclement weather, and health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic result in extended stays at home, which ultimately puts a lot of strain on your network.

Distance learning for kids, remote working, video meetings, and increased digital streaming of movies and music will demand more from your home network, which is why now is a critical time to ensure you and your family stay connected when it matters most. Our home networking experts will assess your network performance, identify issues, and deliver solutions for reliable and secure network connectivity now and in the future.

Our team is ready to assist. For a better home networking experience, reach out to us here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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