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4 Ways to Use Your Whole-Home Audio System for Customized Listening

A Distributed Audio System Lets You Play Music Anywhere in Your Home from a Variety of Sources

4 Ways to Use Your Whole-Home Audio System for Customized Listening

Technology has taken the joy of listening to music to a whole new level, namely with online streaming. But if you still enjoy older audio sources like CD players and turntables, you can also connect them to a distributed audio system for timeless listening throughout your whole home.

Music enjoyment is unique for every individual, which is why we make it easy for homeowners in Charleston and the surrounding South Carolina area to play their favorite music, podcasts, and more from a variety of sources throughout their home with just a touch of a button.

Keep reading to learn about four sources from which you can play your favorite audio throughout your home when you have a distributed audio system.

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Online Streaming

We all know online streaming is the most popular way to listen to music these days. Choose from a wide selection of streaming services to connect to your audio system, from Spotify and Pandora to Deezer, Tidal, and more. Any playlist or song you desire can be easily distributed across your home in rooms where you have connected speakers. Centralized control is effortless from a smartphone or tablet, making managing your system a breeze.

CD Players

While CD players are no longer used as often, they haven’t completely disappeared. If you still have CDs lining your shelves at home, you can bring them back to life by connecting them to your home audio system for whole-home listening.

Reliable cabling makes it simple to hook up your standalone or portable CD player to your AV receiver so you can play any disc on connected speakers throughout your home. A multi-zone receiver offers even more options so you can play a CD in one area of your home and a Spotify playlist in another. No matter the number of zones you have, easily control all of them from one intuitive interface.


Turntables have redeemed their “cool” factor again, resulting in a big comeback in recent years. And for some audiophiles, the turntable is still the king of music sources. Whether you have a new or vintage turntable, you can distribute the audio from vinyl records throughout your smart home with just a phono preamp.

Easily connect your record player to your receiver using a phono preamp for seamless vinyl music distribution. Many newer record players already come with a phono preamp built in, but you can always purchase one if your record player is genuinely vintage.

TV Audio

Audio distribution goes beyond music. Listen to the audio of your favorite TV show while doing chores around the house by hooking up the audio from your TV to your home audio system with just an HDMI, coaxial, or optical cable. Select TV audio on your receiver and listen as the movie or TV show you’re watching comes to life throughout your home.

With the right installation, go beyond online streaming and distribute a variety of audio sources throughout your home. From CDs, records, your TV, your smartphone, and more—we can help you connect it to your home audio system for easy control in any room that has integrated speakers.


Learn more about distributed audio and how it can transform the way you enjoy your music and media by contacting our team at Custom Home Sound! Connect with us here or send us a live chat below now. We look forward to assisting you.

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