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How Can Motorized Shades Do More Than Offer Everyday Convenience?

Get More Out of Your Motorized Window Treatments with These Handy Control Tips

How Can Motorized Shades Do More Than Offer Everyday Convenience?

One of the most desirable benefits of upgrading your home with motorized window treatments is the convenience it adds to your daily routines. Automating the repetitive task of adjusting window treatments around the home saves time and eliminates the frustration of manual cords and strings.

But convenience isn’t the only benefit motorized window treatments bring to the table. If you’re considering adding motorized shades, drapes, or blinds to your home, read on to learn three additional ways this solution can elevate your lifestyle in Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding Charleston, SC area.

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Get More Use Out of Your Spaces

Pairing the right motorized window treatments with the right spaces in your home can make any room more versatile. For example, motorized blackout shades can instantly transform a bright living room from an ideal reading environment to a dark media room when you’d like to watch a movie.

Additionally, you can spend more time outdoors by adding motorized shades to the patio. Instead of neglecting your patio or porch due to weather and pesky bugs, use motorized shades and screens to block sun rays, keep out insects, and protect your outdoor furniture without blocking your views.

Give Your HVAC System a Break

South Carolina winters can be cold, and the summers are hot. Extreme temperatures during any season can strain your HVAC system. By incorporating motorized window treatments throughout your home, you can significantly lower your dependence on heating and cooling systems and save on energy costs.

Automate your shades to rise during peak sunlight to help warm your home in the winter. In the summer, automate your shades to lower during peak sunlight to help keep your home cool. Automated motorized window treatments can help insulate your home when it’s cold and block out heat when it’s hot—without you having to lift a finger. That’s convenience and energy efficiency combined.

Live Better with Natural Light

Natural light plays a significant role in our focus during the day and relaxation at night. The changing intensity and color temperature of sunlight from sunrise to sunset not only helps to regulate our energy levels but also prepares our minds and bodies for rest. If you often have trouble focusing during the day or sleeping at night, you may need more sun exposure.

By scheduling the motorized window treatments in your most frequented rooms, such as your bedroom or home office, to an astronomical timeclock, you can take advantage of natural sunlight when you need it most. At sunrise, your bedroom shades will also rise and flood sunlight into the space as you wake. At sunset, your shades will also slowly lower as you prepare for rest.

Beyond astronomical time, you can automate your motorized window treatments to lift and lower at any point in the day to accommodate daily tasks, improve privacy, maximize energy efficiency, protect furniture and artwork, and more.

Take advantage of the many benefits of motorized window treatments for your home. Our technology professionals at Custom Home Sound can design and install a personalized solution that perfectly fits your home spaces and your needs. Learn more by calling (843) 532-8346 or by filling out our contact form here.

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