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Elevate Your Patrons’ Dining Experience with Smart Technology

Commercial Automation Puts One-Tap Control of Lights, Shades & Multimedia in Your Hands

Elevate Your Patrons’ Dining Experience with Smart Technology

Whether you run a five-star eatery or a small fusion bistro, you know that creating a tasty menu is only half the battle when attracting customers. You must also provide a standout space where patrons feel comfortable and welcome at any time of day.

Let smart technology lend a helping hand. With a commercial automation system, you can create customized one-tap scenes that automatically adjust your lights, shades, and multimedia so you can spend less time operating the ambiance of your restaurant and more time tending to customers.

Read on to explore how commercial automation can help you optimize the environment of your Charleston, SC eatery from morning to night.

Perfect the Mood with Lighting Scenes

Lighting plays a big role in setting the mood for your restaurant. Not only does the brightness of your restaurant lighting affect food presentation, but ambient light levels create a softer, gentler environment for evening dining.

With dynamic lighting control, you can elevate the dining experience by instantly adjusting lighting according to the time of day, their function, and the area for which they’re being used—all from the same centralized controller.

Schedule lighting scenes that adjust on their own so you can spend more time tending to your patrons. Occupancy sensors and timers are also an energy-efficient solution for ensuring your lights are operating only when they need to be.

Reduce Glare with Motorized Shades

Utilizing natural light during the day is a great way to save on energy costs while enhancing the comfort and wellbeing of your patrons. However, adjusting all your window treatments one by one at peak sunny hours can be tedious and time-consuming.

Adjust any window coverings inside and outside your restaurant at the touch of a button with motorized shades for protective functionality and a more pleasing atmosphere at any time. Motorized solar shades even guard TVs and furnishings against UV damage while preserving the view outside your eatery.

From a wireless remote, tablet, or even your smartphone, you can command any and all window shades for the perfect lighting in every space. Take advantage of automated scenes that raise and lower your shades at preset times so that you don’t have to lift a finger.

Manage Multiple Music Zones from One Device

Arguably most important to the ambiance of any restaurant is the music. Music plays several critical roles in a restaurant, from accompanying and enhancing food to influencing menu choices and even increasing table turnover.

No matter how you choose to use music in your eatery, distributed audio paired with centralized control can help you better manage the media in every zone from a single device. Instantly change the playlist streaming on the patio or in the bathrooms from the same touchscreen, app, or keypad. Adjust the volume, change the song, or share the same music throughout the entire restaurant in one fell swoop.

You can even create scheduled scenes that change the music from morning to night and turn it off automatically when you’re closed. From digital to analog and streaming, one-tap control of any music source is possible.

Learn how to leverage commercial automation solutions for smoother restaurant operations and happier patrons by contacting our technology professionals at Custom Home Sound. Our extensive experience, customer-focused approach, and high-quality service make it easy for you to experience all the benefits of smarter technology for your business.

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